Habitat For Humanity of the Eastern Panhandle

Habitat for Humanity
of the Eastern Panhandle

630 W. Race St.
Martinsburg, WV 25401


Office Hours:
Monday -Friday: 9am-2pm

In the spring of 2014, the Goode family, including parents, Joe and Wanda, and their four sons watched as a new home was constructed by volunteers from the area and through the sponsorship of Dan Ryan Builders. Thanks to Matthew Baker of Baker Creative Productions in Clear Spring, Md., for his work on this film project.
This video features various representatives from Dan Ryan Builders, including Dan Ryan himself, as well as members of the Goode family and the Habitat for Humanity of the Eastern Panhandle family.

Board of Directors

David Hartley - President
Cleo Clemons- Vice-President
Treasurer - Mark Aswall
Secretary - Brenda Morrison

Monique Boots
David Buches
Cleo T. Clemons
Tim Cowan
Audrey Morris
Brenda Morrison
Marc Savitt
Lorin Schwarz
Rick Trenary
Doug Widmeyer


Robin F. Kees: Executive Director
Karen Fairall: Office Manager


In 1992 Reverend Ed Wray of St. Luke's United Methodist Church put a stake in the ground to start the Habitat for Humanity Eastern Panhandle affiliate.   The first several houses were completed in Berkeley County.  The first house in Jefferson County was completed in 1997 and the first Morgan County home was completed in 2010.  In 2014, Habitat EP will seek to build additional homes in Morgan and Jefferson Counties. 

The ReStore was developed in 1999 as a project of the Eastern Panhandle Home Builders’ Association.  In 2006 a grant enabled re-roofing of the building and GM workers retrofitted the facility.

Over the years, various parcels of land have been acquired.   In 2002, a Federal Home Loan Bank low income housing grant was received to purchase 6 lots and acreage on Boston Street was purchased.  The following year, Auburndale was re-designed and land development was started.   In 2008 a state grant enabled land development to continue and that same year the affiliate became a designated Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). 

The partnership with Eastern Panhandle Home Builders Association produced the first “Blitz Build” in 2006 and four more were generously built by them in the years to follow.  One house was our first "Women Build."  Habitat EP has been in partnership with The Berkeley County Cluster of United Methodist Churches since its beginning. Through the years, the Cluster has raised funds and built four houses, with the most recent being completed in March 2012. It was the first Energy Star rated home for us.
From 1995 to the present, thirty five homes have been completed.  We are always looking for partner families and volunteers.  Contact us to help!!